Episode 2 – Listen to Yourself

It’s all about “Listening To Yourself” with your goals and dreams, because who else are you going to listen to? I have a very special guest this week, rapper Young Dizzy from Sacramento, California doing it big, it’s pretty amazing how we meet and how his career is taking off like a bat out of hell. Plus I stopped by Skee TV to talk to Ryan Tomlinson about how they are rocking the house with everything they touch in music, sports and lifestyle. And yes Good Guys In Black’s track “Roll With Tha Punches” the first song I ever wrote when I started the band, enjoy.

Episode 2 – Listen To Yourself

Episode 1 – Born to Rock

This show is titled “Born To Rock” because I’m hanging out eating pizza with Zoli from Pennywise talking about music, life and touring. Plus I have Mark from Hardluck Kings talking about guitars and I’m playing Good Guys In Black’s track “Never Say Never”. It’s never to late to start a band and rock the free world.

Episode 1 – Born To Rock