POOL SEEKERS is a web series I wrote, created, hosted and produced that’s sponsored by Boost Mobile. All music by Good Guys In Black.

POOL SEEKERS EPISODE #1 at Furstcastle Pool, the biggest backyard pool in America

POOL SEEKERS EPISODE #2 at Nude Bowl with pro skateboarder Salba getting a history lesson on pool skating

POOL SEEKERS EPISODE #3 at Pala with legend pro skateboarder Steve Caballero

POOL SEEKERS EPISODE #4 it’s a party at the pool at the world famous Hump Bowl with Kevin Conway

POOL SEEKERS EPISODE #5 with special guest and legend Tony Hawk shredding an abandoned pool

‘TOO YOUNG TO DIE’ is a Bruce Lee documentary I had the pleasure to get interviewed for, I’m honored to be in this doc because Bruce Lee is one of my heros. Check part of my interview below and The documentary film will air Saturday December 12th at 22:05 pm (reruns Sunday 13th December at 17:35pm and Monday 21. December 16:45 pm) on the French-German channel ARTE.