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My Life


This is My Life, I live it, breathe it and pin it to the fullest. There is no such thing as in between with me, I have been able to do a lot of amazing things in my life, hard work does pay off. Nothing has been handed to me, I work hard to follow my dreams and heart. I am a midwest kid from a lower middle class factory neighborhood that stuck to his belief of never giving in and refusing to never give up , I go for it and I will get there. It’s the only way to live, to fully create and express yourself, to have a vision and follow through.


Below you can scroll through all of my work and accomplishments in Action Sports, Television, Film, Music, Radio, Voice Overs, Magazines and Tours.NEVER GIVE UP!!!!


2011 “White T” (Redneck Rick brother of Mel)

2011 “The Other “F” Word” Documentary alongside Flea, Mark Hoppus, Tony Hawk (self)

2009 Paul Blart: Mall Cop alongside Kevin James (Cupid/Principal/Supporting Role)

2002 “Triple XXX” alongside Vin Diesel (Cameo Role)
2004 “Keeping Up With The Jonesers” (Whitey/Principal Role)
2004 “Mulberry Park” (Mikey/Principal Role)
2005 “Accepted” by Universal Pictures (Stunt work)
2005 “Jack Me” spoof on “Super Size Me” (Cameo Role)
2004 Punx Rock Holocaust 2 (Cameo Role)


1996 Hosted on “Kids In The Way” for ESPN
1997-1998 Hosted MTV “Sports & Music Festival” with Ice-T, Kennedy & Peter King
1998-2001 Hosted ESPN’s “X2day”, “Xtrax”, Hosted on “Winter X-Games”, “Summer X-Games”& “Action Sports & Music Awards”
2001-2002 Field Reproter on NBC’s “Vans Triple Crown of BMX” Contest Series
2001-2003 Toured on Tony Hawks “Gigantic Skatepark Tour” for ESPN
2002 Featured on Discovery Channel’s, “Monster Garage” with Tony Hawk & Jesse James
2002-2005 Hosted OLN’s”MSS” (Mobile Skatepark Series)
2002 Featured in MTV’s “Sports Unlimited Reality TV Show” (they followed me for 2 weeks)
2003 Hosted Fox’s “54321” with Wee Man
2004 Hosted Spike TV’s “BOOM!”
2005 Appeared on Discovery Channel’s, “Monster House”
2005 Featured on MTV’s “Cribs”Â
2005 Tony Hawk’s “Secret Tour #2″ for MTV / Activision
2005 FUEL TV’s, “Tony Hawk’s Diaries”
2005 Featured on SPIKE TV’s “The Ultimate Gamer”

2005 Featured on G4’s “Training Camp” hosted by Eddie George

2005 Guest on G4’s “Screen Savers

2006 Featured on FUEL TV’s “Project Detention” & “10 Count”
2006 Cameo on CBS’s “CSI: Las Vegas”
2006-2010 Guest on FUEL TV’s “The Daily Habit” (appeared as a guest and several segments)

2006 Hosted “California Truck Jam”  DVD, Irvine, CA
2006 Hosted Monster Energy Drink promo DVD’s for Wal-Mart, 7 Eleven and Anheiser Bush
2006 Guest on G4’s “Attack of the Show”
2006 Featured on MTV’s “Meet The Barkers”
2006 Hosted “Dubai X-Games” for ESPN, Dubai, U.A.E
2006 Featured on XCorps TV
2007 Featured on Discovery Channel’s “Stunt Junkies”
2007 Featured on MTV’s “Rob & Big”
2007 Featured on MTV’s “Scarred”

2007 Appeared on Oprah Winfrey Talk Show
2007 Featured on “MSG TV’s “The Brooklyn Way” Reality Show

2007-2008 Hosted Trig Tv

2008 Showcased on SKEE TV
2008 Guest on CRASH.TV
2008 Guest on ZUNE.com
2008 Guest on Grind TV
2008 Featured on Karmaloop TV
2008 Featured on Speed Channel’s “Hot Import Nights”
2008 Showcased on ZEX SPORTS TV
2008 Guest on Comedy Central
2008 Featured on Myspace.com’s “Warp Tour Diaries”
2007-2008 Featured on FUSE TV’s “Warped Wednesday’s”
2008 Featured on Havoc TV
2008 Host of Target’s “Stores National Sales Meeting”
2008 Appeared on “Punk Junk” Documentary

2009 Featured on “Hot Import Nights: DUB TV Show”

2009 Featured on Gumball Rally 3000 TV Series on Spike TV

2009 Featured on Vimby TV

2009 Featured on MSNBC NEWS during the “Red Carpet” for an interview on Happy Madison Film, “Mall Cop”

2010 Gumball Rally 3000 Documentary

2010 ESPN’s 30 for 30: Mat Hoffman’s “The Birth Of Big Air”  Documentary (directed by Spike Jonze, Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville)

2010 Sullen TV

2010 Vital BMX

2010 ESPN.com

2010 Guest on FUEL TV’s “Daily Habit”

2010 Featured on “Young Hollywood” TV Show

2011 Featured on Skee TV’s “Marked Up”

2011 Host segment on XCorps TV

2011 Host of Tattoo Documentary Series “Behind My Ink”

2011 featured on TMZ

2011 Appearance on DUB Magazine Project MTV2

2011 Featured on FUEL TV’s “Bruce Lee Lives” 6 Episode Series

2011 Appearance on VH1’s Famous Foods

2011 Guest host for IC Places for In Direct

2011 Host/Co-Creator for Television Show “Cash Or Crash”

2012-2014 Host of Sullen TV

2014 Featured on Oxygen Networks ‘Tattoos After Dark”

2014 Guest on Film On TV

2014 ‘Burning Down The Pipe’ Stunt on NubTV

Appeared as a guest on The Today Show, Warped Wednesday’s on Fuel Network, Fuse Network, Animal Plant, Nicaloden, Screen Savers on G4 Network, Fox Sports, History Channel, NBC’s Livin’ Large

PLUS people you might have heard of that I have interviewed:

Eminem, Dave Mirra, Run-DMC, Henry Rollins, Vin Diesel, Papa Roach, Carrot Top, Busta Rhymes, Hepcat, Mike Ness, NOFX, Kotton Mouth Kings, Carey Hart, Steve Caballero, Suical Tendencies, Deftones, Jack Osborne, Paulie Shore, James Cann, Tom Green, Carmen Electra, Brian Deegan, David Spade, Fabulous, Powerman 5000, Mat Hoffman, Benji Weatherly, Rancid, WC, Tony Hawk, The Used, Warren G, Dj Aero, Dj Skee, Paul Wall, Dj Paul, Terry Kennedy, Strung Out, Danny Trejo, Spike Jonez, Ronnie Faisst, Paul Thacker, Thursday, Pennywise, Unwritten Law, Less Than Jake, Black Eyed Peas, Rob Dydrek, Matt Hensley, Street Drum Corps, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Wierd Al Yankavic, Bayside, Bouncing Souls, AFI, JBeats, Flea, Big Black, Sal Maskalea, DJ Mugs, B-Real, Denis McCoy, Mike Vallely, Eddie Rap Life, Rampage, YG, De La Soul


1985-1987 BMX Brigade Demos
1988-2001 Sprocket Jockeys Stunt Show
1996-1997 “Big Day Out” Tour Australia/New Zealand
1996-2010 Vans “Warp Tour” Worldwide (USA/Australia/Europe/Japan/New Zealand)
1997 Sweden BMX Tour
1997 “Golden Dreams Live” Tour, Maylasia
1999 “Whoop Ass” Tour, USA & Canada
1999 Phillipines Show
2001-2003 Tony Hawk’s, “Gigantic Skatepark” Tour
2002, 2003 and 2005 Tony Hawk’s, “Boom Boom Huck Jam” (hosted & rode BMX)
2004 Vans Tour, Cuba
2004 “Laruas Sports Awards”, Portugal
2005 Tony Hawk’s, “Secret Tour #2″ for MTV / Activision
2006 Tony Hawk’s, “Grand Jam”, Orlando, Florida
2007 Famous Stars & Straps Tour “Honda Civic”
2007- 2008 Host of Boost Mobile’s, “Hot Import Nights”
2008 Famous Stars & Straps, “Holiday Tour”

2009 Gumball Rally 3000

2009-2010 Rick Thorne’s, “Grindz And Rhymez” Skatepark Tour

2010 Boost Mobile’s “FreestyleMX.com Worldwide Tour” at Nascar Race Series

2010 Mat Hoffman’s “Danger, Defining, Daredevils”

2010 Boost Mobile’s “Army Concert Tour”

2011 Rick Thorne’s band toured Warp Tour

2012 Dew Extreme Tour, India


Performed on several other tours such as X-Games Xperience, Xtreme Wheels Live, McDonalds New Zealand, Vans Skateparks, & to many one off demos to count. Hosted for Slim Jim, IFMA Freestyle Motocross Tour, Vans Shoes, Tony Hawk’s “Boom Boom Huck Jam”, Kicker Audio, KMC Wheels, IMG’s “Beach Bash”


1985-1986 AFA Masters

1988 AFA AM Overall Champion (American Freestyle Association)

1990 King of Vert AM Champion

1992-1993 BS (Bicycle Stunt) AM Overall Champion
1995 until present X-Games Athlete
1999 until present Gravity Games Athlete
1997-2002 MTV Sports & Music Festival Athlete
1999 Lipton X-Games, Puerto Rico

1999-2001 “Soul Bowl”, Hermosa, California

2000 New Zealand X-Games Vert Champion

2002-2003 Vans Triple Crown Series

2002-2005 MSS (Mobile Skatepark Series) Athlete, USA & International

2004 “Ramps For Amps”, New York City, New York
2004-2005 LG Action Sports Contests: China/Korea/Russia/England
2006-2007 NBC’s Dew Action Sports Series



Tony Hawk American Wasteland Video Game
Tony Hawk PRO Skater 3 Video Game
Disney’s Another Goofy Movie
Warped Tour 2003 DVD TV Spot
Sirius/XM Faction Radio
AOL Trick Tips Verb Campaign


1996 Performed in Closing Ceremonies for Olympics, Atlanta, GA.



2002 Bell Helmets National Commercial
2005 Boost Mobile National Commercial



1997  “Boarding For Breast Cancer”, Big Bear, CA.
1998  “ShaQtacular”, Los Angeles, CA.
2002  “Special Olympics”, Santa Monica Pier, CA.
2006  “Wheels 4 Humanity”, The Key Club, Hollywood, CA.
2006  “Taste of the Cove”, Laguna, CA.
2007  “The Big Give” by Oprah Winfrey, Houston, TX.
2008  “Grind For Life” (Clash at Clairemont 2), Clairemont, CA.
2008  “Disaster Relief”, Costa Mesa, CA.

2009-2011 “Make A Wish” for Monster Energy, Corona, CA.

2010 “Starlight Children’s Foundation”, Los Angeles, CA.

2010  “The Ronald McDonald House”, San Deigo, CA.

2011 “Tsunami Relief”, Pala, CA.

2014 Summer Meltdown for Autism Awareness



Ride BMX                    Frank 151                   Axtion                        Details                          AMP
BMX Plus!                    Happy                        Teen                          Surfer                          Fully Tapped
BMX Action                  Big Brother                 Skinnie                      Electric Ink                   The List
Spin                            DIG BMX                    RIDE UK                    Street Trucks                Tattoo
Rolling Stone               8.5                             ESPN                         INKed                          Chopperhead
Blender                       Obscene                     Rebel Ink                   Transworld Moto            Local Hawaii
DUB                            Doin’ Life                    GO! BMX                    BPM                             Lexani
Paper                          YRB                           Vapors                       Flaunt                           Ink Junkie
Alternative Press          Maxim                        Twenty                      Penthouse                     Ink Slingers
Transworld BMX            Kings Ride                 Mugshot                     Vice                              Eye Of Underground
Freestylin’ BMX             944                           Sleeved                     DTS                              Space Blues
No Cover                     Juniors Cave               Game                        Racer X                         Freshly Inked
FHM                             Stuff                         Fashion Mag              Select                            Tache Mag
FAT BMX                       URB                          Complex                   Mass Appeal
WHO Mag                     Lemonade                 Cream                      Tattoo Empire


  • Performed on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit” on Halloween 2011
  • LA Dodgers Theme Music for entire 2011 Season track is “Whoa Yeah”
  • ASR, Clash At Clairemont, Stoked Mentoring, Tsunami Relief Fund, Musink!, Boost Mobiles Hot Import Nights, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Maloof Money Cup, Summer Meltdown
  • Opened for Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Head PE, Revolution Mother, Steel Panthers, The Black Pacific, Pulley, Death By Stereo, Mathisyahu, The Dirty Heads, Seedless, Cisco Adler, Hepcat, Mest
  • Warp Tour USA 2008 and 2011
  • Monster Energy Presents: Rick Thorne’s “Grindz And Rhymez” Skatepark Tour 2009-2010
  • Featured in Slednecks 13
  • The Other “F” Word Documentary
  • Gumball Rally Television Show/DVD
  • Tracks played on Sirius/XM Faction Radio
  • Featured in Tattoo Magazine, No Cover Mag, Space Blues, XGames.com



You’re Already There

Bomb Days

This Is War

Whoa Yeah

Thrash It

Play To Win



2010 Host of “The Rick Thorne Show” The Rick Thorne Show

2002-2010 HOST of “ESPN Action Sports Podcast” & FM Radio’s “ESPN Action Sports Radio”ESPN Action Sports Radio


KROQ’s “LOVELINE” with Adam Corolla & Dr. Drew, Los Angeles, CA.

LA’s Power 106, Los Angeles, CA.
Jason Ellis Radio Show on SiriusXM “Faction”Channel 41
Mark Hoppus Podcast: www.himynameismark.com
Joe Sibs “Complete Control Radio”, Hollywood, CA.
Lewis Alston 99X.com Atlanta, GA.

Joe Escalante Show on Indie 103.1FM, Los Angels, CA.

Big O & Dukes in Washington, DC.

Riot Radio in Atlanta, GA.

EDGE Radio, Costa Mesa, CA.

All Action Sports Radio, Los Angeles, CA.


Tony Hawk’s Book: Occupation: Skateboarder

Mat Hoffman’s: Ride Of My Life

X-treme Cuisine

Warped Tour Book




Featured in 20 Inch BMX “Redux” DVD
Hosted Transworld’s “BMX How-To Video” 2003
Hosted VERB and AOL.com Trick Tips 2003
Featured in Mat Hoffman’s “Pro Bmx” Version 1 & 2 Video Game’s
Featured in Tony Hawk’s, “American Wasteland” Video Game
Featured in Tony Hawk’s, “Pro Skater 3″ Video Game
Featured in Tony Hawk’s, “Gigantic Skatepark Tour DVD’s”
Featured in “Slammed” DVD

Featured in Vans,”Warp Tour” DVD

Featured in Ride Magazine’s “In The Life” DVD
Featured in Arnette’s, “MY Way” DVD 1998
Featured in “Nachos” DVD 1998
Featured in ESPN’s, “Kids In The Way” DVD
Featured in “VULT BMX” DVD
Featured in HB’s, “Until Monkeys Fly” DVD
Featured in HB’s, “Mad Matt” DVD


BMX Bikes with Free Agent Bicycles
Draven and Vans Signature Shoes
Action Figures with Jakks Pacific
Soda with Jones Soda
CD Wallet with Case Logic
T-Shirts with Black In Black Inc.
Calling Cards with DIBZ
Helmets with Smith Safety Gear
Fleer Trading Cards
Press Pass/Rage Trading Cards
Road Champs Trading Cards


Transplants – “Gangsters & Thugs” & “Saturday Night” Video’s

Good Charlotte – “The Anthem”
Aggrolites – “Reggae Hit LA”
Travis Barker/The Cool Kids-“Jump Down”

The Pricks- “Ghetto Blaster”

Mest-“Radio (something to believe in)”


The Ghost Inside “Dear Youth”



Inducted into the Action Sports Hall Of Fame in 2013

Cleveland’s Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame  for doing 10 +years of the Warped Tour

“Ruin To Redemption” Art Exhibit 2009


                                                                MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKINGS:


SSR School Of Sound, Manchester England


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